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460 Seniors NOLA 2020-3862460 Seniors NOLA 2020-3862  YOU COULD BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO?

#460seniors #diversenotdefined #design460

Seniors are definitely front and center!  They are fresh and filled with ideas and are extraordinarily themselves!  Every senior that blesses my life and renews my faith in humanity!

I love individuality blended with togetherness so families, kids, teens and tweens along with what they do round out what I love to photograph....well, besides nature and all sorts of other quirky stuff.

I'll quit talking and just let you come along for the ride with us!

Hop on, see what's happening and tell us things!  Don't be passive.  Join the conversations and stories!  It's no fun without you!

Mutual Friends

July 19, 2021
If you have mutual friends, that at least means you like the same kind of people. If you like the same kind of people, maybe you have other things in common. Who know...
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Ducks and Mullets

February 01, 2021
Yesterday was the last day of duck season. Around here some people get pretty bummed out by that. JJ is one of them. We first decided to do this session before it was eve...
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You Never Know!

January 31, 2021
You never know when something unexpected will happen. Last Thursday, Becca and I started some of her senior softball photos. She had all of her uniforms and things. The w...
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