You Never Know!

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Becca Masters Sr BannerBecca Masters Sr BannerBecca Lady Giants Class of 2021
You never know when something unexpected will happen.  Last Thursday, Becca and I started some of her senior softball photos.  She had all of her uniforms and things.  The wind was cold and it was lunch time.  We didn't have long before she would have to get lunch and prepare for practice.  Rather than rushing through all the uniforms, we decided to use just the black one and meet back up now and then for several short sessions until we got them all.  After about 45 minutes we called it quits with plans to coordinate the white uniform soon.  Becca went to get food.  I went home to unload the camera and start processing them.  

lady giant senior softball player behind fence in jena louisiana460Seniors Becca-2983Becca Lady Giant Softball Class of 2021

Friday's practice was going fine.  I was in the car watching and reading my latest book.  The sunroof was open and a comfortable breeze was blowing fresh air and the sounds of hard work through the car.  Cracks of the bat and players, "talking," to one another about fielding the hits made for familiar, "white noise," for my story.  Suddenly, the peace was interrupted with a scream and a total change of atmosphere. 

460Seniors Becca-2987Lady Giant Becca Class of 2021Lady Giant Becca Class of 2021

Becca was fielding a fly ball from left field when she crumpled to the ground in pain.  She was literally carried off the field and to Urgent Care.  My mind instantly traveled back in time to Caroline's senior year when she tore her ACL and missed out on her absolute favorite season.  I hoped that Becca and Robin wouldn't have to experience that.  I'm pretty sure most of the team and coaches were imagining similar scenarios.  

460Seniors softball senior photosJena Lady Giant BeccaJena Lady Giant Becca

I tried not to bug Robin while Becca was checked out and x-rayed.  I figured her phone was blowing up with others wondering the same.  After an exercise in patience I finally heard from Robin that it was sprained but not broken.  Whew!  Now it's a waiting game to see if it heals quickly and properly.  Sprains sometimes are unpredictable and finicky about healing.  Consequently, I'm believing hers will knit back together stronger than ever and speedily.

Senior softball pics460Seniors Becca-2985Lady Giant Softball Class of 2021

Once I knew the results from Urgent Care I could sleep.  I drifted off thinking that I sure was glad that we had taken at least some of her softball photos the day before.  I said all this to help drive home the point of the title of this blog.  "You Never Know," when something important to you will change.  Take those photos and videos.  Hire someone you trust for senior year.  The value of those images is high already.  That value becomes priceless when something big changes in your life!

460 Seniors photos by Laura Beth460Seniors Becca-2989Becca Class of 2021 Becca, heal fast and get back out there!  Robin, my heart is thankful that you will see her play!  We have more pictures to take so let's get them before you're back out there busy fielding balls!

Louisiana senior photos460Seniors Becca-3000Lady Giant Softball 2021


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